Beef By The Side
The Farm, Family, and Beef
 Our family farm is located near Brookfield in northern Missouri. James Alexander began raising registered purebred Angus cattle in 1953, and our cattle operation is now in its fourth generation. For more information about our cattle operation, we encourage you to visit the Alexander Land & Cattle website.

We take a great deal of pride in our cattle and our beef. We use our superb cattle genetics, selective breeding, optimum feed mix selection, and attention to every stage of the production cycle to ensure your next steak, roast, or burger is superb. We can guarantee the quality of our beef because we give the utmost attention to the production, safety, and quality of our livestock from our pasture to your freezer. We believe this produces the best-tasting, safest, healthiest beef possible.

Our beef is All-Natural and Hormone-Free. Our cattle never receive growth hormones. Our cattle aren't given antibiotics in their feed and are only given antibiotics when it is medically necessary to protect the health and life of the animal. None of our cattle receive antibiotics within 90 days of processing. If you have special requests regarding the feeding of your beef, let us know. We'd be happy to work with you.

Why Angus?
All of our beef is either purebred or crossbred Angus beef. Angus refers to the breed, and it's popular because of the beef's flavor, texture, and quality. We crossbreed our cattle with Maine-Anjou cattle to add specific traits that enhance the quality of the cattle and beef. We have included some links below where you can find more information on Angus beef and general information about beef.